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This is different from regular *potato soups in that the potatoes are baked first, which makes this soup, well, taste like baked *potatoes ! Real bacon crumbles and shredded cheddar are packaged separately for you to sprinkle atop your hot soup right before enjoying. . . . $11.22/qt*potatoes – A medium spud has only 110 calories, is naturally fat free, high in vitamin C and, when eaten with the skin on them, packs more potassium than a banana.

The taste of the garbanzo & kidney beans, lentils & barley (*all fiber) blend together wonderfully in this nutritionally powered soup.  We add even more *fiber by topping off with fresh spinach and shredded parmesan.   .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.
*fiber, dietary – also referred to as roughage.  Dietary fiber is that portion of plant-related foods that cannot be completely digested.  Statistics maintain that high-fiber diets reduce cholesterol levels and cancer rates.

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*Barley and sautéed mushrooms are added to our rich homemade beef stock.  A tasty and nutritional old time favorite.   .   .   .   $11.22/qt.
*Barley has five times more fiber than other whole grains.  It steadies blood sugar and may help prevent heart disease.

This is one of our “lighter” soups.  “Lighter” in density but not in nutritional value and taste.  Our *beef stock has been simmered for hours with multiple vegetables.  The vegetables are then tossed but their vitamins and minerals remain.  There’s also no shortage of *beef chunks or +thick Klusky noodles in this rich broth.  .   .   .   .  $11.22/qt.
*Beef is high in zinc, which studies show plays a beneficial role in cognitive development and functioning.+Starch variant – whole wheat noodle/couscous

We take our nourishing beefy stock and add big +rigatoni noodles that have been chopped a bit to fit better on your soup spoon ! We then top off with *onions that have been slowly caramelized. Beef and onions are a great combination. Add the chunky noodles to the mix and you have a satisfying hearty soup. . . . $11.22/qt.*onions – related to the lilly, contain a fair amount of vitamin C w/traces of other vitamins & minerals.+starch variant – whole wheat noodle/couscous

This soup explodes with vegetables and beef. Chunks of *Idaho potatoes add to that “old time” feeling. A hearty food for the soul soup that leaves you satisfied and happy. . . . . $11.22/qt.*potatoes can be very healthy if prepared without grease or high caloric toppings. When presented in a more natural state, potatoes are thought to offer significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancers.~ delivered fresh. We feel the quality is decreased upon freezing.

This is one of our thicker, creamier, cheesier soups that starts off with our homemade meaty chicken stock. A “stick to your ribs” soup. There’s not only *cheese in the tortellini, but we also package MORE cheese for you to sprinkle atop your hot soup right before savoring. . . . . $10.28/qt.*cheese – considering that it takes about 10 lbs. (5 quarts) of milk to make 1 lb. of whole milk cheese, cheese is considered a nutrient-dense food.

The spices cumin and coriander compliment garbanzo beans so well. These ingredients along with a splash of milk, a touch of sesame oil, vegetable stock and crushed fresh *garlic (yum ! – can’t forget the garlic ! ) are combined to create this hearty, high-protein, high-fiber soup. Lastly, fresh chopped spinach is stirred into this oh-so-tasty concoction then ladled over a scoop of onion mashed potatoes (w/skins left on for added nourishment). . . . . $11.22*Garlic – modern science has shown that garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic. The bacteria in the body do not appear to evolve resistance to the garlic as they do to many manmade antibiotics. This means that garlic’s positive health benefits can continue over time rather than helping to breed antibiotic resistant “superbugs”.

A lovely food for the soul stew-like dish that begins with chicken that’s been stewed for hours with fresh *fennel.  When potatoes are added at the end, a robust taste is achieved.  .   .   .   .   $12.15/qt.
*Fennel is rich in vitamin A and contains a fair amount of calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

*Chicken breast is the basis of our broth.  We first season the chicken, then roast, then simmer along with multiple vegetables and herbs for hours.  The simmered vegetables are tossed. More fresh carrots, celery and onions are added to make this broth even MORE nourishing.  Fresh parsley and thick hearty +Klusky noodles are then added to finish off this delicious healthy food for the soul favorite.  .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.
*Chicken (complete protein) – A complete protein food source is one that contains adequate amounts of nine essential AMINO ACIDS.  Most foods derived from animal sources are considered complete protein foods.+Starch variant – whole wheat noodle

We add +penne pasta that’s been laced with just a touch of healthy olive oil & fresh garlic to our nourishing *chicken stock.  Roasted red peppers, fresh parsley, *chicken breast chunks and shredded parmesan cheese bring all these tastes together to create this nutritional satisfying soup.  .   .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.
*Chicken is a low-fat source of B vitamins like B6 and niacin, which help the body convert carbohydrates into energy.+Starch variant – whole wheat penne

We take our vitamin packed homemade *chicken stock, add lots of carrots, celery and onions then top off with hot fluffy +white & wild rice & fresh parsley.  Light and nourishing!  .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.
*Chicken is a low-fat source of B vitamins like B6 and niacin, which help the body convert carbohydrates into energy.+Starch variant: brown rice

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We first make our nourishing homemade chicken stock. A wonderful chicken sausage that’s been stuffed w/asiago cheese & spinach is then added. This oh-so-tasty soup is then finished off with sliced *red skinned potatoes and fresh kale . The skins are left on the potatoes to add even more nourishment . . . . . $10.28/qt.*potatoes with the skin on are an excellent source of fiber. In fact, with 2 grams of fiber per serving, a potato equals or exceeds that of many “whole” grain products-whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta and many cereals

We take our nutritional homemade chicken stock, add cheese tortellini, fresh *spinach and fresh *parsley. Shredded parmesan is packaged separately to sprinkle atop this vitamin packed soup right before enjoying ! . . . . . $10.28/qt.*Parsley contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges and twice as much iron as spinach.*Spinach – eat your spinach!

We add light & dark *kidney beans to our thick rich tomato sauce. The large hunks of ground sirloin seem to absorb the multiple herbs and spices. The chunks of tomato, sweet peppers, celery & onion will increase your vitamin intake in this already nourishing dish . . . . . . $12.15/qt.*Kidney beans are not only high in fiber but one cup of kidney beans provides 28.9% of your daily recommended intake of iron.

We take our homemade chicken stock, add lots of *celery & carrots and make it creamy & thick. This is a great “stick to your ribs” soup on those cold winter days. . . . . $10.28/qt.*Celery – Before the sixteenth century, celery was used exclusively as a medicinal herb. It’s a good source of vitamin C. This important vitamin helps to support our immune system.

Good old cream of mushroom soup. Well, ours is sort of creamy. We make a delicious creamy base by sautéing onions and mushrooms then adding vegetable stock. But here’s where we switch it up a bit – - only a little flour is added as the thickening agent. To increase your nutritional value, potatoes (*with the skin left on) are added to thicken up this stock. This savory mixture is then blended until creamy but we chunk it up again by adding more sautéed mushrooms ! AND A splash of real whipping cream is added to your soup right before delivery. We think you’ll enjoy our altered version ! Yum.*a 5.3 oz potato (with the skin left on) contains 620 mg of potassium, which is essential to our body in attaining optimal muscle performance and improving the nerves’ response to stimulation. . . . $11.22/qt

We take our lentil soup base & make it into a stew by adding large amounts of *carrots, yams and potatoes along with multiple other vegetables to create this hearty healthy stew.  .   .   .   .   11.22/qt.
*Carrots – This is a truly versatile vegetable and an excellent source of vitamins B and C as well as calcium pectate, an extraordinary pectin fiber that has been found to have cholesterol-lowering properties.+ Delivered fresh.  We feel the quality is decreased upon freezing.

*Mushrooms and more *mushrooms are the basis of our very rich bisque.  Our flavorful bisque is a true food for the soul indulgence.  The added Sherry provides a comforting “woody” taste.   .   .   .   .   $12.15/qt.
*Mushrooms contain the nutrients phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and selenium, which are often lacking in our highly processed foods.

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*Green bell peppers, garlic & onions are first sautéed in a drizzle of healthy olive oil.  We then add lean ground meat, rich beef stock and herbs to convert the traditional “stuffed pepper” into this hearty soup.  Your soup is then topped off with rice, a few jalapenos & diced sweet onion to add a little “zip” !   .   .   .   $11.22/qt.
*Vitamin C is one of the many vitamins contained in green bell peppers, which are so named for their bell-like shape.

We take our homemade roasted turkey stock and add *carrots, *celery, *onions & *corn. This nourishing selection is then top off with thick Klusky +noodles and fresh parsley. . . . . $10.28/qt.*Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and photo chemicals (natural substances found only in plants) that can protect the body’s cells from damage by cancer-causing agents.+Starch variant: whole wheat noodle

We start off this rich soup by sautéing a little onion then adding clear vegetable stock.  A thick *tomato base is added to this satisfying soup to give it its dense texture & taste.  Your soup is then topped off with a scoop of buttery +rice & a few flakes of ground black peppercorn.   .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.
*Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which some studies have found help prevent certain forms of cancer.+Starch variant:  brown rice

We first roast turkey breast (along w/herbs & spices) then simmer in a vegetable packed stock to give this broth that roasted turkey taste.  The base is then strained saving just the chunks of turkey.  Fresh carrots, celery, onions, *corn and +rice are then added to the broth to complete this nourishing food for the soul choice.   .   .   .   .   $10.28/qt.

Our homemade meaty turkey stock is the basis of this popular selection. Carrots, celery, onions, corn and cheese filled tortellini are added to our rich broth. We then top this selection off with lots of fresh *spinach, fresh parsley and a sprinkle of shredded parmesan for added nourishment . . . . $10.28/qt.*spinach – 100 g of spinach provides 402% of our daily vitamin-K requirements. Vitamin K plays a vital role in strengthening bone mass by promoting osteotrophic (bone building) activity in the bone. It also has an established role in patients with Alzheimer’s disease by limiting neuronal damage in the brain * * and * * 100 g of fresh spinach contains about 25% of daily intake of iron.

We start off sautéing sweet Italian sausage, onions & garlic in healthy olive oil.  Chicken stock is added and this flavorful soup is then thickend with a little cream & lots of potatoes.  Fresh *kale is added at the very end for color, flavor and added nutrition.   .   .   .   $12.15/qt.
*Kale is a form of cabbage but the central leaves do not form a head.  Due to its content of multiple vitamins & minerals, it is recommended as a way to consume many good nutrients at one time.

We add fresh celery, *carrots & onions to our meaty chicken stock along with our homemade herbed meatballs, which contain a significant amount of fresh parsley. Peppe pasta, fresh spinach & fresh parsley are added to blend all the tastes of this delicious nourishing soup. Shredded parmesan is packaged separately for you to sprinkle atop your hot soup right before savoring . . . $11.22/qt.*Carrots – one cup contains more than 10 mg of beta-carotene and other antioxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect eyes as they age.

We prepare this tantalizing soup the same way our regular wedding soup is prepared – with homemade chicken stock, celery, *carrots, onions and herbed meatballs. The different is, we add cheese tortellini instead of peppe pasta. Fresh spinach & fresh parsley are added at the very end to blend these great tastes and to add even MORE nourishment. Shredded Parmesan is packaged separately for you to sprinkle atop your hot soup right before enjoying. . . . . . . $11.22/qt.*Carrots – No other vegetable or fruit contains as much carotene as carrots, which the body converts to vitamin A.