If you were to ask one of our “Soupers” to describe our soups in a few short words, their answer may very well be:

Homemade, of course

You know.  The kind of soups that take all day to make.  Those wonderful, healthy stocks you don’t have time to create.  Well, we happily take the time and create them!  That’s what we do.

As with all the foods we make, nourishment is always number one.  Our soups are no exception.  In fact, our soups give us a more creative edge in regards to the ingredients we can use.   We add as much “good for you” stuff as we can, when we can.  You’ll find our “clear” stocks a little “cloudy”.  The cloudiness is nothing more than minute particulars originating from the initial batch of fresh vegetables that have been broken down in the simmering process. You not only derive the nutritional value from these vegetables but more vegetables are often added to complete many of our soups.  Whenever it’s appropriate, we add lots of lean proteins, fresh spinach, fresh parsley, whole grains, beans – - all the good for you foods that are often lacking in our highly-processed diets.  We also try and eliminate “bad fats” by skimming off rendered fats from our stocks.

The starches added to our soups are your traditional starches;  i.e., chicken noodle soup w/white noodle, chicken rice soup w/white rice.  You have the option to change this;  i.e., chicken noodle soup w/whole wheat noodle, chicken rice soup w/brown rice or couscous.  With this little “tweak”, many of our soups become even more nourishing than they already are.

You may want to consider adding our soups to your diet.  We can help you increase your fiber/lean protein/whole grain intake AND we deliver every Thursday (locally)!  Homemade goodness delivered to your door!