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Tender chunks of chicken breast are breaded and pan-fried then baked in a smidgen of chicken broth, which turns them into a tantalizing tender entrée.

Seared chicken breast plus fresh mushrooms plus sweet Marsala wine equals a tender succulent entrée.

Suggested starch . . . farfalle pasta

Chicken breast is served crispy and tender with our rich tomato sauce & grated Parmesan cheeseSuggested starch . . . spaghetti pasta

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The au jus from sautéed chicken is the foundation of our rich lemon-e garlic/wine sauce that’s served atop this moist dish.

Suggested starch . . . whipped potatoes

The entrée is best described as have a “delightful fresh flavor”. This chicken is topped with a light tomato-e vodka broth & sprinkled with raw sweet onion immediately before serving to add to its “freshness”.Suggested starch . . . whipped potatoes or penne pasta

We coat chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks (whatever you like) with grated Parmesan & herbs then oven fry until really crispy.No Wings
Thighs & Drumsticks . . . . $1.70 each
Breasts . . . . . . $2 each

Whole turkey is seasoned & roasted to perfection. This lovely old-time favorite is served with our homemade apple cider vinegar gravySuggested starch . . . whipped potatoes

Chicken breast, that’s been pounded for extra tenderness, is breaded & herbed & fried in the oven.

Order our homemade onion gravy or apple cider vinegar gravy to compliment these tender tenders for an additional 75 cents per person.

An array of fresh vegetables are splashed w/wine and sautéed in a vegetable stock until tender then topped with grated parmesan cheese.Suggested starch . . . angel hair pasta

Hearty tomato sauce slow simmered with herbs, ground sirloin & pepperoni. Served atop a pasta of your choice. This sauce will make any pasta taste good!