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Sliced pork loin rubbed with multiple herbs is browned then braised in a brine of apple juice & white wine. A mound of fresh sautéed apples is placed atop this richly glazed chop upon serving.

Suggested starch . . . stuffing

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This dish takes hours to create, but it’s worth the wait. Beef sirloin is first seasoned then browned and simmered w/an array of vegetables for hours. The first batch of vegetables used to infuse this beef is tossed. Multiple fresh vegetables are then added to fill this entree with vitamins, nutrients & taste.

Accompany this entrée with fluffy white rice for an additional 50 cents per serving (serving size ½ cup)

We’ll need a grill for this one. We marinate bone-in pork steaks in our homemade marinade then grill until tender yet crunchy.

Suggested starch . . . Middle Eastern Rice

Our meat loaf is created from start to finish with the finest ingredients and served with our rich dark gravy that’s been reduced into a concentrated taste to compliment this very moist meat.

Suggested starch . . . whipped potatoes

Our sweet tomato-e sauce is added to hot sausage along with sweet bell peppers and onions. Spoon this tantalizing mix onto a slider bun that was fresh baked that morning. YUM!

$3/slider sandwich

Remember the old time roast beef dinner? We have it. We brown then roast sirloin beef & create the homemade gravy from the pan drippings.

Suggested starch . . . whipped potatoes

When’s the last time you had some good homemade Salisbury steak ? A real treat ! Served along with our homemade, of course, onion or apple cider vinegar gravy – your choice.

Add our homemade mashed potatoes for and extra $1.75/serving (1 cup)